Wasl Medkhan

Dhs. 950

The story of this medkhan (incense burner) started with long hours of research on old traditional clay medkhans that we had seen on display or used in our homes. We closely studied their structure and deconstructed their shapes. It all came down to three elements: the base, the body, and the handles.

Our experimental approaches to materials and aesthetics had led us to this minimalist and modern take on a design withdrawn from Emirati heritage. We deemed it important to build continuity between those three elements and turn them into one object without dispensing any of them. Various attempts and several design iterations resulted in a body of work that is functional, timeless and unique.

During the design process we were determined to preserve the three traditional medkhan parts and translate them into a modern piece that continues to evoke a sense of correlation between our past and our enlightening present that we tread through with confidence, connecting them as one.

Materials: Black stained wood, metal
Dimensions: 9.6 x 16 cm
Year: 2021
Notes: In stock