EXPO VIP Invitation Box

The gift box was designed to give the recipients of this VIP invitation a sneak peek to the beautiful opening ceremony of Expo 2020 and an insight on what to expect during the historic event.

Four decorative glass domes were designed in various sizes, with colors that reflect the serenity of AlWasl Dome during the day, the energy it radiates during the night, and all the beautiful hues it paints the sky in between. As the domes gradually become smaller, they transmit the deep hues of the sunset; glorious to behold and increasing in opulence.

The transition in the sizes of the glass domes, from the biggest yellow one to the smallest purple one, reflects the story that the amazing Expo team shared with us; How the Dome translates the idea of the old soul during the day with its serenity as it welcomes the world in its peaceful home, and then transitions to the young, energetic soul that enlivens the world around it.

The domes depict abstract patterns and elements derived from AlSadu weaving, those of which were the highlight in a show projected in the dome itself, as it is considered a form of creative expression where our ancestors created various patterns that told stories of who they are, stories of their environment and surroundings.

When the 4 decorative glass domes are nested, one inside the other, their colors gradually blend forming a rich hue that paints a beautiful scene from light to dark, and from big to small. They reflect the feelings experienced when stepping in the grand dome itself.

When the domes are separated, the biggest yellow dome is used as a base that houses a glass diffuser filled with a nostalgic fragrance; one that brings back memories of gardens in welcoming homes, similar to the beautiful garden in AlWasl plaza.