Gergai'an box

Gergai’an is a tradition celebrated in mid Ramadan (or a month before in some GCC countries) in which candy is handed over to kids going door-to-door dressed in traditional attire whilst singing songs.

This gift was designed for a client in Bahrain who requested a unique gift box concept suitable for this traditional occasion. With that in mind, we researched the rich culture and history of Bahrain and came up with a design consisting of a clear acrylic box with its two sides printed with a detailed pattern that is inspired by geometric shapes found on rails in Qal’at AlBahrain; the historic archeological site which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The traditional elements were enhanced by adding a camel leather strap to the acrylic box making it easy to carry and hand over to the children, as well as a red velvet pouch which was designed to hold candy while contrasting the clear acrylic box through its vibrant color. 

Materials: Acrylic, camel leather, metal, velvet
Year: 2019