Pearl Bookends

The pearling industry created a period of wealth for the UAE and was considered a pillar of the country’s economy.

This special limited-edition gift was designed to highlight the importance of this historical industry. It consists of a set of bookends hand-crafted to resemble the shape of the Meezan (scale), which was used to measure the value of the pearl. The pearls were placed on one side, while agate pieces were placed on the other.

Cultivated pearls from our beloved country and high quality vintage Agate weights were added to the gift to highlight the value and importance of this tradition.

Clear acrylic blocks were used to hold hand-carved walnut wooden bowls in order to give an illusion of the floating scale elements.

Materials: Walnut wood, acrylic, metal, pearls, agate stones
Dimensions: 31 x 15 x 5 cm 
Year: 2019