Khanyar Studs Box

This bespoke gift box has been designed as a special request for a client. On a soft suede tray, the box houses a handmade replica dagger that features the exact same details of the dagger that was worn by the Founding Father, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan AlNahyan. The gift also includes an acrylic frame which features a photo of Sheikh Zayed wearing the original dagger. The suede tray is removable, to reveal the belt of the dagger along with an oil bottle that is used to polish the silver.

In order to give this project its due, the Mandoos was referenced throughout the design to give it a narrative that aligns with its function. The Mandoos is a crucial part of the rich Emirati culture in which it was used to store precious belongings inside it such as important documents, clothes and dowry. Therefore, the idea of having an item that holds precious elements was translated into this modern and minimal design.The reference was translated through featuring the significant patterns found on the Mandoos boxes through application of the studs atop the lid.

The design aims to highlight the importance of the Mandoos in the Emirati history through modern application.

Materials: Camel Leather, Silver, Walnut Wood
Year: 2020
Dimensions:  330 mm x 380mm x 120 mm