The UAE Board on Books for Young People

In celebration of Al Eid Al Adha, this  gift  box includes a set of three mini Mudeem Folds boxes, made  of  camel  leather,  and  designed  to  honour the  Eid  traditions  of  the  UAE  that  reflect  the boundless generosity of the Emirati culture while also hosting books that won the latest  edition  of  the  Etisalat  Award  for Arabic Children’s Literature.

The Mudeem Folds boxes are part of the Mudeem collection:  hand-crafted storage  boxes inspired by the traditional Mandoos wooden   chests. Created  with  innovation,  the collection  weaves the old with the new, celebrating the deep-rooted values of our culture and heritage. Mudeem, which  means  long-lasting  in  Arabic, aims to draw attention to, document and preserve the subtle aspects of culture for future generations.

Material: Camel Leather, Acrylic, Paper
Dimensions: 47  x 36 x 7.5 cm
Year: 2020