Dark Coral Bouclé Takya Stool

Dhs. 4,070

 The stool was designed to reimagine a memory we had growing up. When we were young, growing up in the United Arab Emirates, it was very common in traditional majlises and low seating areas to have rectangular cushions that were placed against the wall for people to lean on. Children would always stack them up on top of each other to build walls and create play areas, castles and forts of our imagination. 

This memory is interpreted through a modern design that would always resemble a childhood experience many of us share.

The cushions on the stools are attached to each other, and are embellished with camel leather trimmings that would allow the wood structure to go through for a contrasting aesthetic.

Size: 47 cm x 47 cm x 47 cm
Materials: Fabric, Walnut wood, Camel leather

For custom orders, please email: orders@aljoudlootah.com