Misnad is a handwoven carpet that reinterprets the geometric patterns of AlSadu weaving, a traditional indigenous style of weaving which employs color and pattern motifs as decorative elements that also convey within them social artifacts and cultural values. It is mostly practised by women in rural communities of the United Arab Emirates to produce soft furnishings and decorative accessories.

The patterns of AlSadu weaving are very distinctive, mainly in the form of narrow bands of geometric designs.

Made of 100% wool & woven by skilled artisans in Afghanistan, the carpet is a modern interpretation of an ancient form of art.
The carpet depicts geometric patterns which are inspired by AlSadu weaving, and is attached to a black leather bench to provide a couple of seating options: Used as a bench and used as a Misnad to rest against when sitting on the part of the carpet that is on the floor. 

Materials: Synthetic leather, hand-knotted wool
Dimensions: 170 x 205 x 53 cm 
Year: 2015