Mini Mudeem

A Mudeem Folds box was designed in a miniature size to be given out as hospital favors by an expecting mother welcoming the arrival of her newborn baby girl.

Made out of camel leather in coral, and lined with opulent off-white suede, the Mini Mudeem folds box was designed to celebrate the special occasion and reflect the deep-rooted values of our culture and heritage.

Mudeem Folds, part of the Mudeem collection, is a hand-crafted storage box inspired by the traditional Mandoos wooden chests, introduced in an innovative way to highlight the importance of preserving our past, but also to show how essential it is to adapt as the society changes and to provide a long-lasting link to our rich history.

Mudeem, which means long-lasting in Arabic, serves to document and draw attention to those aspects of culture that cannot easily be held but must be experienced.

The collection examines new innovations in material manipulation while giving new presence to the traditional Mandoos storage boxes.

Mudeem is inspired by the beautiful past, those memories, and that of the Mandoos. It aspires to keep our heritage inherent in our hearts permanently. 

Materials: Camel leather & Suede
Year: 2020