Mudeem Studs Tea Box

The box is inspired by the Mudeem Studs box which takes its inspiration from the shape and aesthetic of the traditional Mandoos boxes that were used in the past. It is made out of camel leather with a removable interior which allows it to be reused for other purposes.

This precious gift consists of a leather box covered with metal studs that mimic the old brass nails which adorned the traditional Mandoos boxes in the past.

The bespoke leather box contains an elegant matching leather pouch that was designed to hold loose black tea mixed with saffron and cardamom as well as a bespoke tea cup that is engraved with an icon of palm trees to celebrate the Emirati hospitality and culture.

Material: Camel Leather, Glass, Loose tea
Dimensions: 14 x 30 x 12 cm
Year: 2020