Jalees Bench



Adjective indicating the act of sitting securely in place

Also means companion

‎صفة مشبَّھة تدُّل على الثبوت من جالَس وجَلَسَ

خيرُ رفيقٍ ومُصاحِب

Designed to recognize the primitive characteristics of old outdoor benches that were commonly found around the UAE in most Emirati homes, this bench design pays tribute to its minimal structure and physical attributes.

The essential vertical and horizontal wooden planks that were used to construct the old benches have inspired the minimal design of this outdoor bench creating an aesthetically appealing modern interpretation.

Taking into consideration the post-Covid social distancing requirements, this bench creates a flexible seating system for all users.

Contrasting the horizontal octagonal wooden planks are circular seats, marked with “Please Sit Here”, that slide along the length of the bench to create social distancing when needed between strangers. To bring two people together, the seats are able to slide closer, while additional seats can be added or removed from the bench according to the requirements of the user.

Contrasting the wooden material is a playful pop of color, yellow, that is applied on the interior metal structure of the bench for a strong visual aesthetic. The structure is designed with three metal arches to stop the seats from moving further along the bench creating a 1 meter space between seats to respect the social distancing requirements.

Smaller sliding and removable tables are placed between the two seats to provide the users with a space to place their cups of coffee, phones or small personal belongings. 

The socially distant thermally modified seating design is a solution conceived as a response to the current situation that is applying restrictions on the way people are coming together. It is an invitation to sit in outdoor public spaces, safely, without the need to feel the restriction of allocated seating spots that are marked with red stickers.

This product was the result of a collaboration with American Hardwood Export Council.

Photo credits: Natelee Cocks

Year: 2020 
Materials: Thermally modified Red Oak Wood & metal
Dimensions: 3 m length x 47 cm width x 48 cm height