Mudeem Clear

Dhs. 1,500 Dhs. 1,740

Mudeem collection is a set of hand-crafted storage boxes inspired by the traditional Mandoos wooden chests, introduced in an innovative way, to celebrate the deep-rooted values of our culture and heritage.
Such tangible and intangible heritage is essential to preserve the past, but it is also essential that they are adapted and highlighted as our society changes. They evolve, to keep pace with a changing world, and also to provide a long-lasting link with our rich history.

Mudeem, which means long-lasting in Arabic, serves to document and draw attention to those aspects of culture that cannot easily be held but must be experienced.
The collection examines new innovations in material manipulation while giving new presence to the traditional Mandoos storage boxes.

Mudeem is inspired by the beautiful past, those memories, and that of the Mandoos. It aspires to keep our heritage inherent in our hearts permanently.With Mudeem collection, the aim was to push boundaries, challenge ourselves, and deliver the uncommon.

Mudeem clear is one of the products within the modern Mudeem Collection. It hosts a woven leather top yet the bottom of the box is a clear acrylic. The piece illustrates a dynamic contrast of two materials which are completely different yet work together effortlessly to create a striking end result.

Materials: Leather, Acrylic 
Size: 20 x 20 x 10 cm 
Year: 2019