Rowdh Diffuser

Dhs. 400

A rich, full-bodied, and textural floral fragrance infused with the aroma of roses in voluptuous bloom, uplifted with grapefruit’s brightness, juicy cassis and a heart of precious jasmines, geranium and exotic ylang ylang. Balanced on a powdery clean base of soft and sensual musk.

Top notes: Rose, Grapefruit & Cassis 
Heart notes: Geranium, Jasmine & Ylang-ylang 
Base notes: Musk  


There is a moment, at the center of 
an Arabic garden in a warm, loving home,

Mulberry trees are at the cusp of ripeness, 
surrounded by a sea of pillowy roses,

Red, like a sun kissed cheek after a toasty summer,
and White, like the pure hearts that encircle us, 

Holding their heads high, dancing with
a breeze that embraces all the shades, 
To bring to you a scent meant to reawaken your hearts.


Glass bottle with black rattan reeds.
500 ml / 200 ml