EXPO General Invitation Box

In this bespoke invitation design, we highlighted elements from the UAE’s flora & Fauna, focusing on the specific elements which played a significant role in the EXPO opening ceremony itself.

Our sea, with its wealth and its value in our history and heritage, Mangroves that charm the hearts, the palms of the Emirates, which our Founding Father, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, considered as the trees of life, and the Ghaf tree, a symbol of tolerance. And in the middle of that beautiful picture, right on the horizon, at the heart of this fantasy, we featured Al Wasl dome; The new beating heart of Dubai, standing with its beauty and grandeur, pointed at by the little talented star of the opening ceremony. The elements were beautifully framed with the distinct arch inspired by the one found at the house of the Late Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, in Al Shindagha area, to reflect the vision of our Leadership, and to allow this invitation to be the link between our past and present, carrying hopes for a prosperous future.

And because Al Wasl Dome came alive with out-of-this-world light projects, we added a light source to shine through the invitation, highlighting the beauty of its details.

We wanted to translate the vision which the Expo 2020 Dubai team had for the invitation: It was a sneak peek to the most beautiful event in the world. The first experience of Expo 2020 Dubai.