Global Women’s Forum Dubai

Global Women’s Forum Dubai is a global platform created to influence policies and foster partnerships that further women’s positive impact, with discussions related to the role of women in government, economy, society, and future.

For its 2nd edition, Dubai Women Establishment hosted the world leading event with the theme of “Power of Influence” and requested high end gifts to be designed for their VIP guests.

At the heart of any civilization lies human connection. It is what weaves us to one another, creating the intricate and universal fabric of our collective human story.

Here in Dubai, the historical Saruq Al Hadid site captures this phenomenon like none other.

Having served as an ancient hub of trade and a center for human habitat during the Iron Age, Saruq Al Hadid is home to artifacts dating back a millennium.

Inspired by the artifacts found at the archeological site, which included a variety of bronze tools, objects and weaponry, this gift set was designed to shed light on its historical importance.

The gift consists of 2 vases inspired by the pottery found at the site which depict patterns engraved on their outer surfaces. The vases are made of solid walnut wood and carved with similar patterns while embellished with brass detailing that follow the same shapes found on the pottery pieces at the site for an additional aesthetic appeal.

To compliment the vases, a walnut wood oil diffuser was added to the set where its top surface is carved with a pattern mimicking the same pattern found on the artifacts. Brushed brass detailing consisting of a tray with 3 wooden spheres holding the curved diffuser block in place were added to compliment the overall shape of the diffuser.

Two traditional scents; Mkhamariya and Alwalmiya, were included in the gift set where the oil of each authentic blend can be dispersed onto the carved-out area of the diffuser. With the natural characteristics of the wood, the diffuser is designed to release an aromatic scent as it absorbs the oil overtime.

The gift items are placed in removable suede tray that fits into a large wooden box, inspired by the traditional Mandoos, with lines engraved on its outer surface. The removable tray allows the receiver of this gift to use the box on its own after the vases are removed for storage purposes.

The mix of materials, textures and various shapes of the vases and oil diffuser reflect human innovation, connection, and prosperity – timeless values that are, and always have been, synonymous to Dubai.

Materials: Walnut Wood, Brass, Perfume blends, Paper
Dimensions: 77 x 45 x 25 cm
Year: 2019