Halwa Eid Gift

Inspired by the traditions of Eid and special occasions in the UAE, this gift was designed to portray the sentimental values these occasions hold.

Filled into a small porcelain ramekin is Halwa; one of the most traditional delicacies of the UAE commonly given out as gifts during special celebrations and EID holidays. Atop the porcelain dish rests a wooden lid embellished with intricate engravings of a pattern developed from illustrations of the Ghaf tree leaves.

Chosen as a symbol of the Year of Tolerance, the Ghaf tree holds substantial UAE history within its roots and branches. Its symbolic leaves are familiar to every Emirati eye and carry within them the significance of tolerance as a reminder to every person of the importance this trait we are urged to acquire.

The gift is securely wrapped with a fabric to cover the Halwa ramekin in a very traditional method of wrapping called ‘Begsheh’ allowing the receiver of the gift to easily carry the gift through the tied edges of the fabric.

Materials: Porcelain, Fabric, Walnut wood lid, Halwa
Dimensions: 8 x 5.5 cm
Year: 2019