Legend Rug

This rug is inspired by the Saruq AlHadid archeological site, the most important and enigmatic historical sites in the UAE which is believed to have been an iron-age metal 'factory' in operation between 1300 and 800 BC.

The rug mimics the details of the unusual dune formations that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid AlMaktoum noticed in the site as he saw a change in colour in one particular area of the desert. This turned out to be the slag created from smelting iron, during the Iron Age, which had come up and settled to the surface.

The rug is hand-knotted out of wool and silk and is carved by hand into various heights to emphasize on the details of the horizon, sand dunes and iron particles.

Materials: Wool and silk
Dimensions: 2 meters in diameter
Year: 2019