Level Shoes Ramadan Display

Commissioned by Level Shoes, a boutique dedicated to shoes at The Dubai Mall, a contemporary Arabesque design concept was developed for the store’s Ramadan Project.

Taking inspiration from constellation, the exclusive pattern was incorporated into the store’s architecture, furniture, window displays and newly established Majlis area.

In addition to that, the pattern was printed on 500 special edition handmade tote bags which were sold at the store during Ramadan and proceeds were donated to Dubai Cares.

The project’s slogan, which was incorporated within the design, was written by the Emirati writer Sumayya Saqr Khalid, and reads:

“لتكن لخطواتك تأثيرا وأثر”

“Let your steps have an impact and leave a mark”

Material: Mirrors, Vinyl stickers
Year: 2015