Louvre Opening Marble Coasters

Words are powerful: they can immortalize the soul of the poet, reflecting rare beauty and magnificence. The depths of words can transcend time, place, and form, which is why a selection of verses by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan AlNahyan’s poem, which wasperformed at the grand opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, were used as the basis of these marble coasters. In many ways, the poem reflects the simple love for Abu Dhabi, with the eyes of a leader who saw beyond the humble beginnings to global greatness. 

Today, this poem translates the vision of the man who built the foundations of a cosmopolitan center, attracting multitudes of people to visit, enjoy, and get awed by the lights, nature, and beauty that makes Abu Dhabi the stunning home to the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The set of coasters is made out of white Carrara marble engraved with several verses from the poem by the Founding Father that were beautifully written in classical Arabic calligraphy and painted black to contrast the texture and color of the marble itself.

Materials: Carrara marble, Acrylic, Embossed black leather 
Year: 2018