Mandarin Oriental Fan

Every Mandarin Oriental hotel has its signature fan reflecting its own corporate identity and the culture of the country it resides in.

For Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai, we designed the signature fan to be an artistic blend of Emirati heritage with modern touches. It takes inspiration from land and sea, the two historical sources of livelihood for the residents of the UAE. The fan’s main geometric pattern is inspired by Khous, the traditional craft of palm frond weaving. This technique was used by Emiratis in the past to create a variety of items and necessities including The Mahaffa, a hand-held squared fan used to keep cool in the desert heat which formed another source of inspiration.

The curved pattern is a nod to the sea which is an essential part of the historical coastal town of Dubai as much as it is part of the modern thriving city it is today. The sea was crucial in the development of the country as it provided trading routes and helped in boosting the economy through the pearl diving industry, one of the UAE's most treasured traditions.

The ribbed structure of the fan is made of brushed brass to complement the interiors of the hotel and to represent the modern edges of Dubai, while the hand-printed patterns of the woven Khous gradually fade over time, mimicking how original Khous patterns would appear on the traditional household items.

The overall result is a stunning work of art that is a true reflection of the spirit of Dubai.

Materials: Camel leather, Brass
Dimensions: 66 x 36 x 3 cm 
Year: 2019