Marble Clock

Qasr al Hosn’s architectural planning was meticulously designed to the smallest detail to serve the protection of its residents and the country against its enemies. Its parapets that rest above its walls were devised in specific shapes for the purpose of hiding its people against direct contact of any intruders.

This wall clock is designed to celebrate the great historical significance these parapets had and the purpose they served the fort through their structural shapes.

The pattern is applied on the 4 sides of the square clock which resembles Qasr AlHosn’s walls. Carved out of a marble and embellished with copper detailing, this clock is designed as a piece of Qasr Al Hosn’s great history to be hung on any interior wall for a daily reminder of the fort’s historical importance that served this country.

Material: Calcatta Marble, Copper, Walnut Wood
Dimensions:  87 x 50 x 25 cm
Year: 2020