Medkheneh Crystal Diffuser

Dhs. 35,000

A Medkheneh is a pyramid-like structure that is used to protect clothes that are placed above it while a Medkhan (clay incense burner) is placed under it to infuse the clothes with heavenly scents of burning Oud and Dukhoon.With the traditional Medkheneh concept and basic structure in mind, we designed a limited edition crystal fragrance diffuser that reflects the intricate details of the structure that was once used by our mothers and grandmothers.

The multi-faceted perfume diffuser mimics the shape of the Medkheneh and features engravings of varying depth and intensity to represent the intertwined strips of woven palm fronds and create a landscape of three-dimensional layered patterns.

The inner part of the diffuser reveals a vibrant color; one in amber covered in a layer of clear crystal while the other is a deep amethyst color with a layer of light aqua.

The two layers of the diffuser reflect the idea of how the traditional Medkheneh is covered by clothing items that it protected from the incense burner while infusing them with scents.

The diffuser is hand-cut and manufactured in lead-free crystal. Each piece is cut, shaped, polished and engraved by Master glassblowers and engravers to to create a marriage of traditional craft and modern design.

Produced by Moser Glassworks 

Size: 13 x 13 x 17 cm
Materials: Crystal
Year: 2019
Price: 35,000 DHS
Available for pre-order
Ships within 4 - 8 weeks

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