Royal Wedding Boxes

This bespoke gift was particularly designed for an incredibly exceptional occasion of Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan AlNahyan’s wedding. A collection of boxes that contain precious objects and items that reminisce the traditional Emirati heritage were designed to be part of the dowry and boxes presented to family members.

As part of the celebration, a textured white paper box that is accentuated with a gold foiling frame was designed to hold 4 porcelain bowls of Halwa specially sourced for the occasion. The bespoke box is labeled in the center with a piece of burgundy leather that has a contrasting gold foiled name of the AlNahyan royal family. The bowls depict an intricate pattern that follows the Khous weaving theme, complimented with delicate illustrations of roses and jasmines.

Alongside the Halwa box, another set of woven camel leather boxes were designed for the family members. A collection of tailored fabrics, two glass jars containing oud and a printed acrylic box filled with saffron have been designed to follow the aesthetics of the wedding theme.

The bespoke pattern is designed to shed light on the traditional Emirati Khous weaving, a traditional craft of weaving dried palm fronds.

Material: Camel Leather, Brass, Glass, Fabric and Acrylic
Dimensions:  87 x 50 x 25 cm
Year: 2020