“Yaroof” is a geometric installation inspired by a type of traditional fishing which is called “Yaroof ياروف”. This type of shore fishing uses beach seine netting made of strong mesh mainly used for fishing for small fish. The net is laid down near the shore and the fisherman wades into the sea for some distance holding the edge of the net. Making a half circle towards the shore, the fish are caught inside the net when it is pulled ashore with the help of other fishermen.

The installation’s structure and components are inspired by the process of Yaroof fishing. It consists of 4 octagon frames, each with patterns created by using nylon ropes to depict the shape and structure of a fishing net. The patterns are inspired by the complex Arabesque motifs, and similar to the form of these motifs, the curves found in the designs are created entirely with straight lines.

Materials: Teak wood & Copper
Dimensions: 300 x 300 cm
Year: 2015